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Week 1 - Agent Xperience

Our mascot Dax the Dragon is missing! We need your super spy skills to help us find him. You will need to crack codes, solve riddles, and read fingerprints. Work with other spies to find out who took the dragon and how we will get him back. Help save our mascot!  


Week 2 - Innovation!

This week we will design structures that test the elements of physics. Come build bridges and towers, design marble runs, make soda rockets, and much more. Tests your designs against the designs of other campers. This will be a week of experimentation fun!


Week 3 - Kidstown

Campers work together on creating a town. They make the town’s laws, start businesses, and learn what makes a town function. Join your friends to develop a thriving community! Family and friends will be invited into Kidstown on the last morning of camp.


Week 4 - Tabletopia

Calling all Pokémon, Magic, and board game fans! Put your imagination to the test as you create your own game from scratch! Gather ideas from your favorite games, create your own game pieces, and test your creations in this fun filled week!


Week 5 - Art & Nature

Channel your inner artist as you hike the Welsh Hills trails with your sketchbook in hand. Get inspired by the textures, shapes, and colors of the natural world to express your creative side. Make natural dyes, paper, and print on fabric. It will be a great week of Science and Art!


Week 6 - Home Planet

Do you have what it takes to live on another planet? This week campers will pick their planet and come up with the things they will need to survive. They will design a base, survival gear, and a plan for when disaster strikes.  This week will be out of this world!


Week 7 - Wizarding World

Young wizards will join a house, learn how to make a wand and potions, and cast spells. They will play Quidditch, take care of magical creatures, and compete for the house cup. Join with your housemates to learn all about the Wizarding World!


Week 8 - Nautical Nonsense

Sailors set course for a nautical adventure filled with quests, shipbuilding challenges, and ocean exploration that foster teamwork, creativity, and imaginative play. You will get wet! You may get soaked! 

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