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Week 1 - Secret Agent Extreme

Advanced spy training awaits as older campers tackle stealth missions, code-cracking challenges, and strategic exercises to sharpen their problem-solving and teamwork abilities.


Week 2 - Duct Tape Science

Can duct tape really fix everything? What makes it work and what makes it stop working? Build a duct tape bridge, tower, and even a boat that can hold a person as we test the limits of duct tape.


Week 3 - Kidstown

Our oldest campers will have a choice to build their own business or be a managing director of the town. They can run for Judge, Mayor, or Sheriff. They can sit on a jury or be a building inspector. Family and friends will be invited into Kidstown on the last morning of camp.


Week 4 - Game Zone

Calling all Pokémon, Magic, and board game fans! Put your imagination to the test as you create your own game from scratch! Gather ideas from your favorite games, create your own game pieces, and test your creations in this fun-filled week!


Week 5 - Nature Artists

Explore your creative side using nature as your inspiration. Campers will walk the Welsh Hills trails and observe the plants and animals that call this place home. They will use a variety of natural materials to construct art masterpieces. Spend the week letting nature inspire you.


Week 6 - Innovation

This week we will design structures that test the elements of physics. Come build bridges and towers, design marble runs, make soda rockets, and much more. Test your designs against the designs of other campers. This will be a week of experimentation fun!


Week 7 - Wizarding World

Muggles become wizards this week of camp. Campers will join houses, make wands and potions, try spell casting, and tea leaf reading. They will learn how to play Quidditch and compete for the house cup. All week there are wizarding challenges that will hone their skills and unlock their full wizard potential.


Week 8 - Soak City

Nothing is better than getting wet in the hot summer. This week we will play games like slip and slide kick ball, Capture the Flag: Water Edition, and pass the sponge relay. We will also learn about the water cycle, make a rainforest terrarium, and make boats out of watermelons, soap, and other materials. Come out and cool off while having a great time with friends!

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