Welsh Hills School has a rolling admissions policy, subject to availability in classrooms. Although applications are encouraged early in the calendar year, we will process applications and enroll new students at any time throughout the school year. Students who are currently enrolled will receive re-enrollment contracts in February for the coming school year, with re-enrollment contracts due in March. Families who do not return re-enrollment contracts by the due date may lose enrollment status to incoming families.


We encourage you to submit an application for enrollment. To download an Infant/Toddler Application, please click here. To download an application for all other grades, please click here.


Welsh Hills School does offer financial assistance. The F.A.C.T.S. company calculates financial assistance eligibility for families who wish to apply for financial assistance. As Welsh Hills School is an independent, non-profit school, the maximum amount of assistance offered to any family will be 50%. An integral part of the Financial Assistance program is the Academic Service Equity Program. This program allows qualified families an opportunity to earn up to a specified amount of tuition remission based on service hours. One service hour is equal to $100. A wide variety of opportunities for participation is available: landscaping, yard clean-up, laminating, chaperoning field trips, working on the Auction Committee, assisting with the play, participating in Campus Beautification Day, etc.


Financial assistance applications are available at


Enrollment / Financial Aid Timeline

January 1
Application for financial assistance forms available for the coming school year from F.A.C.T.S.


February 15
Re-enrollment contracts with payment options sent to current families.

March 1
Re-enrollment contracts due with the deposit.
Deadline for application for financial assistance for first funding distribution. (Families who do not submit financial assistance applications by the due date will not be considered in the first disbursement and may lose some, or all, of their funding.)


March 7
Enrollment contracts sent to newly-accepted students.


March 21
New student enrollment contracts due with the deposit.
Deadline for application for financial assistance for new families.


April 1
Preliminary financial assistance decisions announced.


April 7
Financial Assistance appeals due.


April 15
Financial assistance recipients completed enrollment due.


Non-Discrimination Policy
Non-discrimination policy: Welsh Hills School does not discriminate in recruitment, admissions, employment, or other matters on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, age, gender, religion, sexual identity, disability, national origin, or socio-economic status. Decisions will be based on the availability of openings and other relevant information.