2021 Welsh Hills School Annual Fund
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Building a scarecrow of a kid who inspires you by changing the world and then telling the story of their good deeds and making pigments using techniques that Van Gogh employed to create his famous sunflower paintings are just a few examples of moments that are seized each day at Welsh Hills.
Your investment multiplies these moments. 
Annual Fund Message from
Head of School Mya Sullivan
At this moment, Why Welsh Hills School?
I have been asked this question countless times.  
While the phrasing has varied, the central message remains the same, “Welsh Hills School builds life-long learners, independent critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and compassionate, responsible individuals who are respectful global citizens.”
I was drawn not just by the commitment to the whole-child approach fostered by the Montessori roots but also by the recognition that our students ultimately have responsibilities as citizens of the world. We learn not just for ourselves but also for the benefit of those around us. The events of the past eighteen months have demonstrated just how the community lives into that vision.
In my first few months here at Welsh Hills School, I have witnessed the ways in which the community lives into that vision. The faculty and staff are dedicated to the people in their care, steadfast in honoring and serving the whole child. You know how resourceful and dedicated the faculty and staff are; you have experienced it. They have done their best to ensure that a Welsh Hills education continues to be without match in Licking County. 
You may not know that our operating budget exceeds tuition revenue. 
You may not know that our staff has sacrificed in the areas of benefits and compensation in order to maintain programming. 
You may not know that a strong commitment to philanthropy is needed to:
  • sustain and grow much of our signature programming
  • attract, retain, and compensate the best faculty and staff
  • provide enriching and impactful professional development opportunities for our faculty
  • ensure that the maintenance of our well-loved facilities keeps pace with our growth. 
  • close the gap between tuition revenue and operating costs that all independent schools face. 
Thank you to those who have given in the past —
your generosity has made our school possible for the past 42 years.
I invite you to help us seize this moment in time through participation in the Welsh Hills Annual Fund!  Your investment, of any size, is a critical piece to providing "a dynamic, global education that focuses on the whole child."
Thank you for your commitment to Welsh Hills School.
Be safe and well,
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