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Welsh Hills School Profile

Welsh Hills School
Founded in 1979, Welsh Hills School stands proudly as the only independent school in Licking County, educating children from infancy through grade twelve. Through our Montessori and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) curricula, students experience education in an environment that encourages creativity and nurtures their natural love of learning. Our school is located in a farmhouse on 11-acres with school gardens, a greenhouse, and outdoor learning opportunities. We supplement academics with additional offerings such as Spanish, music, visual arts, robotics, drama, coding, organic gardening, and an award-winning, global education program that expand and enrich our academic curriculum. An infant program, part-time and full-time toddler program, and preschool program are available for families with children who are ready to join our school community.

Granville is located in Central Ohio just east of the state capital of Columbus. Established in 1805 by residents of Granville, Massachusetts, the village has a distinct New England small town feel. Granville is also home to Denison University. Our community has a long-standing commitment to education — even the sign at the entrance to Granville says “An Early Center of Education.”


• Welsh Hills School is an accredited member of the Independent Schools Association of the Central States. (ISACS)
• Member of Ohio Association of Independent Schools (OAIS)
• Member of National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)
• Member of Granville Area Chamber of Commerce


WHS faculty members are carefully selected for their knowledge and expertise in their fields of focus. All of our classroom teachers hold college degrees, and many hold graduate degrees and Montessori credentials.


Student Body
School enrollment: 100
Student-to-faculty ratio in the upper school is a maximum of 10:1.
Early Childhood: 39
Lower Elementary: 16
Upper Elementary: 18
Middle School: 14
High School: 13
Class of 2021: 2


WHS maintains small class sizes throughout its programming. This, coupled with a commitment to differentiated learning, provides our students with opportunities for in-depth exploration of individual interests and encourages greater engagement with academic material and fellow students. Block scheduling allows students time to engage deeply with content and prepares students to work independently in a college-type structure.


Welsh Hills School Grading Scale – High School Only

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 4.35.47 PM.png


June 2019 was WHS’ first high school graduation! Our graduates are required to have 24 credits*, spanning Math (4), Science (4), Humanities (includes four years of English and History ) (8), STEAM (includes engineering, robotics, visual & performing arts)(2), World Language (3), Physical Education (1/2), Wellness (1/2 ), and Practical Life (1/2). Graduates are required to complete a Capstone Project that incorporates a research paper, community service, and public presentation. WHS graduates are required to earn a minimum of 18 total points on seven end-of-course state tests.
*Students who transfer into WHS during high school will have a minimum requirement of 21 credits.

College Credit Plus

WHS students may opt to participate in the College Credit Plus program that allows students to take classes at area 
colleges including The Ohio State University, Columbus State Community College, and Central Ohio Technical College.

Capstone Project

The WHS Capstone Project is conducted over the course of the school year by seniors as a graduation requirement and is an intensive academic exploration and multi-disciplinary work that celebrates intellectual curiosity and encourages civic engagement. Students select an interesting topic as a focal point for their research project utilizing primary and secondary sources, interviews, and field experience. Students coordinate and participate in a related service project in connection to their topic, and present their research and findings to our school community at the end of the school year.


WHS electives are offered on a trimester schedule, with students having the opportunity for up to six courses per year. Courses are designed to complement our academic coursework, provide opportunities in specific areas of student interest, and to further the school’s practice of service. Elective opportunities at WHS include: visual art, performing art, robotics, computer coding, creative writing, ancient history studies, agriculture studies, geography, global issues, community service, and ‘Advanced Practical Life’ (a WHS extension of our lower school Montessori program that focuses on topical real-life skills, such as building design, culinary arts, project management, etc.

Global Education / Continent Study

Welsh Hills School is committed to Global Education. Beginning in pre-school, students work together towards a goal of understanding the world and its peoples through our Continent Study Project. This school-wide project encompasses all areas of the curriculum on a global level, focusing student learning on a particular continent and its unique people and cultures. Students gain factual knowledge in order to build immersive environments that represent particular countries, including elements of geography, history, science, literature, language, math, and performing arts. During the study, WHS hosts guest speakers and performers who share their expertise and students enjoy exposure to authentic cultural artifacts and practices. One of the most important aspects of our project is the study of the cultures and the people. The Continent Study encourages students to feel comfortable around things and people that are foreign to them, to embrace the unfamiliar, and to appreciate and respect people and societies that are fundamentally different from their own. That, we believe, is the most important ingredient to nurturing global competence.

To download The Welsh Hills School Profile, please click here.

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