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Physical Education

At Welsh Hills School, fitness is addressed in many ways and in consideration of the developmental needs of each age group. Teachers of our younger students incorporate fitness into their daily routine via planned physical activities and opportunities to run, stretch, and climb.  Students in grade four and above participate in a program with Denison University students. The program develops individual students’ physical, social, and emotional well-being through a variety of activities. The program’s focus includes developing physical skills and fitness through direct instruction and encourages students’ development of genuine interest and enjoyment in being active. Emphasis is given to developing a sense of cooperation, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. Class is held on Denison University's campus with Denison student teachers two times per week.


Recess and playground time at Welsh Hills are highly-valued and essential parts of the day. Fresh air and movement allows students to focus during class time and enhances learning while providing additional opportunities for students to practice social skills and sportsmanship, and hone physical development.

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