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Give to the Welsh Hills School Scholarship Fund
and Receive a Potential Ohio Tax Credit
What is an SGO?
A Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) is an organization that facilitates the distribution of scholarships to eligible students. For Welsh Hills School, that organization is OAIS (The Ohio Association of Independent Schools).

What is the history of the OAIS  SGO?
The Ohio Association of Independent Schools applied to the Internal Revenue Service in early 2022 for 501(c)(3) approval of The Ohio Association of Independent Schools Scholarship Granting Organization (OAIS SGO). OAIS helped form OAIS SGO after the creation of the scholarship-granting organization tax credit in House Bill 110 (2021).

How does an SGO help Welsh Hills?
SGOs will provide Welsh Hills with additional funding for scholarships. This financial support will allow us to attract and retain students and increase educational opportunities for students who might otherwise be unable to afford tuition at our school.

How does it work?
Your donation to our SGO can result in a reduction in your taxable income. This can lead to a lower tax bill since the taxable income is calculated after deducting the donated amount.

Those who donate to OAIS SGO can receive a nonrefundable tax credit of up to $750 on their Ohio income tax returns. Each spouse in a married couple filing jointly return may claim the tax credit of up to $750 each so long as both spouses make separate contributions to a qualified organization or organizations.

Should a taxpayer donate more than the taxpayer’s income tax liability, the credit will reduce the taxpayer’s liability to zero (it will not create a refund).

SGOs also raise funds from private donors, businesses, and philanthropic organizations.

How do I participate?
To contribute to OAIS SGO use this link to find instructions on how to donate.

For more information, please contact Head of  School Mya Sullivan at

*Before making a charitable donation, Welsh Hills School strongly advises donors to seek professional guidance from their own attorney and financial advisor. Charitable contributions may have significant tax implications and legal considerations that vary based on individual circumstances. Consulting with experts in legal and financial matters can ensure that your donation aligns with your overall financial and philanthropic goals while maximizing any potential tax benefits available to you. By seeking personalized advice, you can make well-informed decisions that reflect your intentions and preferences.

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