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Turn Your Tax Dollars into Scholarship Dollars!

You can make a significant contribution to support student scholarships at Welsh Hills School at no cost to you!*
Individuals who donate to a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) can receive a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit for up to $750 per taxpayer or $1500 per married couple, which reduces your tax liability equal to the amount of your donation.

The scholarship donation has to be paid to a Scholarship Grantor Organization (SGO). Welsh Hills School is part of The Ohio Association of Independent Schools (OAIS), which manages
our donations.

You will receive the full amount back if your
tax liability is equal to or greater than the donation. This is NOT a charitable donation.

Anyone who pays income tax to the State of Ohio is eligible for this non-refundable tax credit. 

For more information, please contact WHS Business Manager Beth Wydick at

*Before making a donation, Welsh Hills School strongly advises donors to seek professional guidance from their own attorney or financial advisor. Contributions may have significant tax implications and legal considerations that vary based on individual circumstances. Consulting with experts in legal and financial matters can ensure that your donation aligns with your overall financial and philanthropic goals while maximizing any potential tax benefits available to you. By seeking personalized advice, you can make well-informed decisions that reflect your intentions and preferences.
Here's how to donate:

• Go to the OAIS partnership website: OR
• Visit and click on the SGO button on our home page.

• Make your donation via credit card, check, or ACH.
• Please note:
if you file electronically, the tax receipt must be mailed or downloaded to the Department of Taxation as proof of your donation.
• ACH and paper check transactions must be c
ompleted by April 3, 2024 in order to receive a letter from OAIS that can be used on 2023 taxes. Credit cards are processed immediately.

• Please note: this non-refundable tax credit should be entered on your Ohio Tax Return Schedule of Credits, line 15.

Thank you, you’ve helped a student attend Welsh Hills School!
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