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Kid's Museum

Kid's Museum

Summer Camp Fees
Welsh Hills School Student: Full-Day Camp - $175/week • Half-Day Camp - $100/week Non-Welsh Hills School Student: Full-Day Camp - $195/week • Half-Day Camp - $115/week


Due to the uncertainty of when summer camp might start, we are only accepting a $40 deposit for camp at this time. Deposits for camps that can not be held will be returned.

If you place a deposit on a camp and then decide not to attend camp, please cancel your reservation ten days in advance. Camp reservations not canceled ten days prior to the first day of camp will not be refunded.

Thank you!

  • Camp Information

    This summer, our campers will get to create their very own mini-museum dedicated to their favorite subject.

    Unicorns? Space travel? Hedgehogs? Whatever it is, your camper will get to immerse themselves in exploring, building, and sharing that love with their fellow campers.

  • Refund Policy

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