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Week 1 - Hero Headquarters

Come be a superhero with us! Campers will develop their own superhero identity with their own costume. They will test their skills through drills, games, and obstacle courses. Together with your superhero friends, help save the world!


Week 2 - Natural Creations

Take your creativity outside! Campers will make natural dyes from fruits and flowers, print flowers and leaves on fabric, and make sculptures out of sticks, flowers, and recycled materials. It will be a great week of Science and Art!


Week 3 - Kidstown

Campers work together to create a town. They make the town’s laws, start businesses, and learn what makes a town function. Join your friends to develop a thriving community! Family and friends will be invited into Kidstown on the last morning of camp.


Week 4 - Circus Spectacle

Young performers learn circus skills like juggling, tightrope walking, and clowning. Campers will work together to make their own circus acts this week. It will be a week filled with silliness, new skills, and teamwork.


Week 5 - EcoCamp

Young naturalists learn about plants, animals, and ecosystems through nature hikes, outdoor exploration, and hands-on activities that encourage a love for the environment and care for the outdoors.


Week 6 - Space Quest

Learn about planets, stars, comets, asteroids and a lot more during this out-of-this-world week. Astronaut campers embark on a mission to explore space through hands-on activities, experiments, and space-themed games. Join your friends and explore our universe!


Week 7 - Wizarding World

Young wizards will join a house, learn how to make potions, create their own wand, and learn how to cast spells. There will be magical creatures to take care of and mysteries to solve. Join with your housemates to learn all about the Wizarding World!


Week 8 - Underwater Expedition

Young explorers dive into underwater adventures, learning about marine life, ocean conservation, and underwater habitats through hands-on activities, arts and crafts, and experiments. You will get wet! You may get soaked!

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