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Interactive Storytelling: Ages: 11 to 16

Interactive Storytelling: Ages: 11 to 16

Ever played a video game or read a choose-your-own-adventure book? Ever played a game of Mad Libs or told a story around a campfire to a group of friends? These are all examples of a largely unappreciated art form — interactive storytelling. Even in everyday life, the ability to weave a story and make your audience feel like they are a part of it can be invaluable.


Campers will learn the principles of a good story, how to include their audience, and how to avoid getting bogged down under the weight of choices. Mediums will be touched on include games, books, and even everyday conversations. Each participant will create their own digital interactive text adventure stories and share them with the group.


Instructed by: Peter Lepper


MIN: 4 campers
MAX: 8 campers


Includes all materials


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